02 March 2013

Baby Steps

I finally started with the baby step by making the decision to finish the rest of my "no-no" items at home and purchased a gallon of Hempz original lotion. Give it a try here before purchasing a gallon for yourself. Hempz Herbal Moisturizer (Google Affiliate Ad) I will provide a review once I use it for at least two months, maybe? I have normal skin but all the cleaning and washing I do nowadays, my hands became extremely dry eeeeek. 

I have decided to number the items on here to show which I am planning to tackle first or will TRY to go in order. I have a feeling the toothbrush will come 4th just because I am so excited about the panda on it :). 

My second step requires getting rid of all my clorox wipes, dishwashing soap, hand soap, and shampoo and completely converting to the holy grail - Castile soap in baby mild. Purchase yours here Organic Castile Liquid Soap Baby Mild - 1 gal (Google Affiliate Ad) , you cannot go wrong with a multi-purpose gallon of goodness. Check out this site 12 uses of Castile soap to get some ideas. 

Third step, I have tried going vegan a few years ago and lasted about a month or two but was suckered in by chicken (I believe it was), what a fail. But this time around, I hope it will be easier since my boyfriend is on board by trying it out with me. We are planning to start with level one: pescatarian which is pretty much someone who abstain from meat with the exception of fish. I am sure we will try to slowly move away from level one and onto the next etc. I want to remove poultry, beef, and pork out of our diet as well as any animal products. Slowly but surely is the key guys. 

Fourth step, we have a few of our soap at home still and will try to go through it at least by the end of the year or so. We are on a budget so we want to use what we have at the moment and slowly progress to the certified all natural bar soap. Try this out Bar Soap Olive & Chamomile - 8 oz (Google Affiliate Ad) and see how it works for you. When you are ready, purchase bulk for $1.80 a piece here as I will start as soon as possible. 

The last baby step is removing our habit of using plastic toothbrush. The environmental toothbrush can be purchased by the dozen here and bonus on the cute panda :)

I am sure I will update with new stepping stone so keep on the look out for it. If you use or have tried any of the products I posted, please do let me know how they work for you. 

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