10 March 2013

Upcycle wood louvers

I don't know whether this post will be dedicated to a free item, a DIY, the company Re-use Hawaii, or why I collected trash. Either way, it is a green living DIY and it is a bonus that it was for free. I started with shopping at thrift stores to have one of a kind clothes to save money and moved up to saving the  environment by buying secondhand goods. I did not want to stop there because my boyfriend and I love to do DIY to our little place. I actually stumbled upon Re-use Hawaii when I was doing my regular Free Category on Craigslist scouting for any good items I can do a good DIY on. I seen a bunch of free sink, cabinets, and woods. The post had a website and I decided to Yelp it. To my surprise it is a whole warehouse filled with cheap, upcycle potential items. 

The next day, my boyfriend and I wanted to check it out with only $20 in cash. The warehouse was not huge but their lot were filled with woods, planks, tiles, slabs of countertops, and plywoods. It was a cheap Home Depot galore for us. Coming from me, I do not like going into a hardware store or have interest walking around for 10 minutes. We found their free items that were posted on their add, grabbed a few woods for a kitchen dining table DIY, bought a few hooks for my bags to hang, grabbed three wooden doors for a DIY cabinet, and then there was this pile of weird chip of woods: WOOD LOUVERS. I knew nothing about it until yesterday, they are the wood from wood blinds or bi-folds. Pounds after pounds of them in a wooden bin. It was dusty and we were both wearing white shirts not knowing we were about to get a little dirty. Started grabbing a bunch and putting it into our cart. On our way out, we purchased another 2 long 2" X 4" for some wood crate for the farm. After 3 hours of walking around the store, we checked out with a truck load of wood scraps for $7.25!!! Majority of our "purchase" were the FREE GOODIES! Think of it as the ultimate Goodwill of hardware stores. 

These wood louvers are perfect for small projects since they are already precut for you and are the same length as the rest of the pieces. 

  • Wood vegetable crate
  • Wood crate for computer desk (jar holders)
  • Keyboard and laptop table
I am in the process of working on the computer desk wood crate at the moment so I will be posting it shortly once I have dust it off and repainted it. Got any ideas what else to make with wood louvers? Let us know. 

The warehouse is closed today and I am planning to hit the place up again tomorrow to grab a few more of the louvers and their jalousies :D

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