25 March 2013


Our bathroom suffers but not as much as our eyes. But to renovate this entire bathroom will mean that our wallet will suffer big time. We do not own the house since we are only living at the other half of my in-laws 9 bedroom home. We are allowed to do renovations but I mean, we are not living here forever so why waste money? We can however afford to do a little to make the place clean looking and fresh atmosphere. Here, we decided to literally yank out the medicine cabinet three fold mirrors (by the way, all the endless mismatching tiles and colors in this house was the previous owners "wrong doing"), repainted the sink bottom drawer, attached knobs, added $5 window blinds, and replaced a $10 project DIY mirror. I will make a separate post on the mirror as well as the shower area. I found a brand new Behr white paint in the mother-in-law's storage outback and thought it was the same eggshell Behr in our master bedroom and I wanted to repaint the dirty spots and holes on them. Turns out, it was 2 shades lighter and decided to paint the entire room (it was unplanned). We decided to use some of the leftover paint and started attacking the bathroom sink and anything else that would look good white (everything became white but I had enough self-control to not paint my dogs lol). 

We are almost done with the bathroom but I feel like it is never ending trying to get it done-done! It always seems a mess to me but then again I guess I am just a little OCD and my definition of clean is different from those who don't see it MY way ;]

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