16 March 2013

Wood louvers DIY update

My current floor at the moment consist of wood glue and a bunch of wooden louvers. I went a little crazy and grabbed a few more at my local Re-use Hawaii warehouse for their March Madness free louvers. I am in the middle of making a bunch wood crates for my computer desk storage, under sink, and hallway closet storage. This process takes about three days as I am not using any screws or nails and only wood glue. It takes 24 hours for the glue to set in and I am on my second day. It depends how many walls my crates has that determines how long the project will take. This one will be about four days. By tomorrow, I will be putting all the pieces together and by Sunday (hopefully), I will be using them. It sucks I have to wait for payday to come so I can purchase some paint. 

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