31 March 2013

Review: Hempz Original Lotion

It has been over two weeks since I received this baby and I am more than happy with it! My opinion is not influenced and results/experience will differ.

My skin type: Normal
Skin color: Slight tanned

Texture: Not too watery but not thick.
Scent: Not strong but has a very light flower fragrance.
Price: Fair ($60 Free shipping from Ebay)
Review: This is a gallon bottle that includes a pump for it. It is best used, like other lotions, to apply after shower. 1 full pump or an ounce will cover your body from head to toe. It is just the right texture where it does not feel like it is just sitting on top of your skin. It's not sticky so when you sweat, you do not see streak or feel "oily or greasy". It moisturizes very well and will last full 24 hours. It works much like Olay body lotion without the shimmers, thick texture, and greasy feeling. Great for men and women (I mean come on, my boyfriend loves this thing.) The only con about this is that it comes in a plastic container but it beats having to buy 5-10 tiny plastic bottles every year. You can always clean up the bottle, remove the sticker, and reuse the bottle for pumped soap, etc.

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