25 March 2013

Slow & Steady switching

I have been making the "switch" this entire month.... errr slowly anyway. The first thing that I decided to bring into our home is organic spectrum coconut oil from Wal-Mart. I ran out of my Olay night cream that usually last me about six months. It cost about $25 so that is a total of $50 a year on night cream alone. After learning that my holy grail of a brand is a participant of testing on animals, I had to say no bueno to purchasing another one. I read about organic coconut oil being used as moisturizer, mouth wash, etc. so I figured why not?! I purchased a 14 fl. oz Spectrum coconut oil from Wal-Mart for $7.50 in the oil aisle and it has been about a week since I purchased it and..... I LOVE IT!

I recently researched about the other uses of coconut oil and the result was abundant. Someone mentioned that you cannot state certain information for coconut oil (which I find a complete weird thing) but I will state just what I use it for.

  • Oil pulling (will post a separate post on this later)
  • Tablespoon serving for my dogs meal once a day for shiny coat (specially since they are pomeranians)
  • Face moisturizer (day and night)
  • Hair tip moisturizer (alternating with my leftover Chi silk infusion)
These are my current uses for my organic coconut oil but I cannot wait until I make my own deodorant and eye cream. 

Other switches made:
  1. Ditched my favorite Olay body lotion for a gallon of Hempz original lotion (I will right a review soon). Switching our lotion means less tiny bottles, economical, organic, eco-friendly, and cheaper. 
  2. Replaced synthetic body loofah for 100% hemp washcloth scrubber that I knitted myself. I used my leftover beading hemp twine (rustic) from a year ago and it does the job better than the $2 plastic loofahs at the store. It is rough enough to get the job done but gentle enough to not hurt. It is still in the testing zone so I will not write a full review just yet. 
  3. Dryer balls instead of store bought dryer sheets. 
  4. No more store bought foot scrubber. I make batches weekly for our daily use in the shower. 
So far, these are the small adjustments we have made in our household but are progressing with other things. I will share other switches we have made. I am happy to announce my boyfriend is being so kind to let me use him as my little lab rat to try out DIY castile soap recipes. 

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