29 May 2011

Bettering my blog page

For some reason, I notice my blog is pretty fruity, don't you think? I'm not just talking about the background but ALL the colors, lol. I spend a total of 2.5 hours trying to figure out the tabs, cursor, and colors. As of now, I'm kind of content but I'm sure I'm going to start tweaking on it sooner or later. Anyway, so yeah I just wanted to update and blab about how fruity this blog is now and how I finally figured out the tab thing on the top so my blog is no longer "Messy Posts". How tacky was that right? How weird. I will start adding my other links on here soon ex. youtube, twitter etc. OOHHH by the way, check out my "SHOP" tab. Give your eyes a break and shop something nice for yourself :)

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