29 May 2011

Exfoliate & Moisturize

Two of the most important ingredient to healthy skin. Ladies, please let's not leave the house without these two; let's NOT go on a day without these two actually. Having too much one or the other without the whole ying yang thing, you will be left with a super oily-acne prone skin or a super flakey-always-white-ash face. We don't want neither of the two so PLEASE I beg of you to always do both TWICE a day.

My mother always encouraged me to scrub with a loofah when shower and never forget to apply lotion before putting any clothing on. She was not a pageant mom, just a freak about nurturing your youth as much as possible meaning less beauty products = slower process of producing wrinkles and old age.

Face Routine:

  • Wet face with cold water to wake me up. Using silicone face scrubber, apply one pump of Biore and scrub gently. Don't scrub like you're waxing a car because you will damage your skin.  This scrubber is perfect for the face because it's not too rough and germs can't really stick since they will just be washed off and it's great for getting the nose area and rid of white/blackheads. 
  • Wash off face with cold water. Pat dry.
  • Moist up a cotton ball with Biore cleanser, again, be gentle. Don't forget to wipe over your neck area, too. Let is air dry.
  • Apply Olay sunblock as a moisturizer. If you're going to be exposed out in the sun for a long period of time, I recommend looking for a sunblock meant for facial since this Olay is only SPF 15. Don't forget to apply on your neck as well.

  • Repeat last 3 instruction as above except use warm water to wet face and COLD water to wash off (this help close and minimize your pores.)
  • Apply Olay Complete Night fortifying night cream all over face and neck. This helps tighten your skin as well and this new one smells really good :)
***Try not to play or pick on your face especially when you haven't wash your hands. Avoid touching with fingertips, if needed, use the back of your palm. Use face mask 2-3 times a week for extra tightening skin solution. Plus it's great to let people know NOT to bother you***

Body Routine:
In the shower (Applies to morning and night routine)
  • Wet body with warm water. 
  • I love Olay body soap with or without microbeads. The key is to always use a loofah to scrub. Gently please.
  • Wash off with cool water.
Out the shower (two variety)
  • Before wiping body dry, apply your lotion or baby oil for a shiny looking skin.
  • Or- pat dry and apply lotion. I love Olay and Jergens.
  • Always apply lotion feet as well! You don't want no ashy and cracking feet.

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