30 May 2011

It was a boring day

My mom was running here and there with her chores and was so busy. Which means I was super bored. I didn't get much belly rubs; a few head scratch here and there because she always knew when I needed a little touch for the itch. She was out for groceries and came home and gave me TWO strips of beggin strips, and boy was I a happy camper. Thanks mom, with this you let me know you don't forget about my afternoon treats. I love you. I think my mom cooked some pork with white squash (upo), I can smell it and do I see brownie cookies fresh baked on the counter. YUMMY! She loves you guys too and I know she will show you her messy BUT delicious cooking. YAY. Okay, Mom said it's my dinner time now. WOOF WOOF!

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