29 May 2011

I'm Patron & I'm a pomeranian!

Patron R. Tangonan
Bday: December 19, 2008
Breed: Pomeranian fox terrier mix
It's a BOY
Fun fact: I was adopted on 2009 Valentine's Day. I picked my mom with my charming eyes and tail wags. I secretly like pink!

Woof Woof = Hi everyone! My mom thought it'd be a great idea to make me my very own blog. But honestly, I think she's just obsessed with me hehe. Keep up with me and my tail wagging days. Grab your "kids" and have them get to know me. I promise I'm a very good boy and I always listen to my mommy & daddy *smirk face*. I get along with everyone and I love treats. Do you happen to have any beggin strips lying around you somewhere? I'm turning 3 years old this year and these past years were the best. Tons of treats, belly rub, and so much toys. I would write more "about me" but I promise to blog often to let you know my day. Oooh I am so excited *wag tail*.

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