29 May 2011

Family Jewels be gone

May 25th on Wednesday, my mom decided to wake me up super early for an hour drive to Hawaii Kai. Boy was I excited when she took out my leash and put it on me, I knew I was going for a walk or something - maybe shopping :) Then she give me to some lady and she disappeared for a super long time. She did come back around 8:00 PM, that was super late. I missed her so much and I could tell she missed me, too because she hugged me! She told me that I no longer have my family jewels. What does that even mean? Then I felt a few pain and I was feeling super sleepy. I LOST ME JEWELS! Now I know. It's okay mom, I forgive you. She said she's only trying to look out for me and keep me healthy. Plus, she read somewhere that getting me fix will help with my "marking" problem and it will benefit me in the long run. Getting fix means I will not have the risk of getting cancer. So thank you mom. I know you just wanted me to live longer with you; not selfish at all because I want to live long with you, too.

Thank goodness mom bought me antibiotics and some pain meds because I was running a fever that night. But my mom stayed up and woke up everytime I cried. Mama Pat was so nice, she gave me a really huge bed to be put on the floor so I can sleep while mom cranked up the AC for me. But daddy took too long to come to bed so I took over his space on their bed and laid next to my mom. Basically, he ended up sleeping on the floor with the bed -- for the past 4 nights. He said it's okay because he loves me and I should get better.

I'm not complaining though, mommy hand feed me because this white funnel like thing is blocking me from everything. We even went to the tracks where my daddy play with his electric toy car with his friends while mommy and I stay in the car. We eat and listen to music and just relax under the shades. To my advantage, I get to have my own food. Mmmmm I love me some BIG pork hash and my very own char siu manapua and cold cold water. Thank you MOMMY!

To all furry mommies out there, please get your furry babies fix. They will be healthier. Furry babies, don't be sad. You can do it, plus you will be extra spoiled, TRUST ME :)

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