31 May 2011

Crooked bangin hair

I have been wanting to chop off my bangs like the Fitch twins from the UK show Skins. I tried explaining to my stylist about the bangs but he could not seem to understand it; maybe because he's Korean? I don't know what the reason is but it made me want the hair style even more. At 10 PM tonight, I went to my bathroom and started chopping away. I don't even know how to cut hairs to begin with but I did it anyway. 

Please don't ask me to explain how I did it because I did not follow any steps, no videos. It's probably the most bold thing I have ever done to myself this year. I'm only trying this out and will probably go shorter like the Fitch twins have it. One step at a time, please. 

It's already 12:30 AM and I'm too excited to not show you the finished product right away. Serve it while it's fresh out of the over, right? I'm planning to attack my hair tomorrow; thank goodness I grew it out so I have a few to play around with. 

Did something bold this year? Care to share with me? I'd like to know. Let's inspire one another. 

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