30 May 2011

Simplify my life, extra please

Most of us are on the go nowadays and to add stress from home is another story. Don't you wish that when you come home, a meal for the entire family is prepared, the dog is fed, laundries are folded and put away? All you need to do is pretty much shower, change, eat, relax, and sleep? Unfortunately not everyone is gonna have this without people depending on YOU! I learned to multi-task times 1000. Sometimes I feel like I'm doing things 50 mph haha. I'll break it down for you; how one person can do everything in record time.


  • Feed the pets before preparing dinner. By the time you're reading to start cooking everything, the dogs will be done. 
  • Pre cut all your ingredients early in the day and place in fridge. When you are ready to cook, all you need to do is throw everything in. 
  • If you work the next day, you can also precut everything the night before. 
  •  Marinate anything that needs to be the night before. 
  • Mix any sauces you need to use for any meals. 
  • Cook early or after you get home from work. 
  • Cook rice before anything else. 
  • While the main ingredient is cooking which most of it takes at least 5 minutes or so, wash dishes you've already used. Let is drip excess water, wipe, and put away. (This will lessen the dishes that needs to be wash AFTER dinner. Full tummy plus loads of dishes don't feel so good.)
  • Serve meal course in small serving bowls and wash dishes that was used and put away. 
  • Once done using the stove, let it cool and just before dinner, clean right away to avoid stains, ants coming for a visit and you don't have to worry after dinner. 
  • Enjoy your meal, now you're only left with the bowls, plates, utensils etc. to wash. Smaller dishes right and those big pots and pans out of the way. 
  • Have everyone throw any plate scraps in the trash and put their dishes straight in the sink to help you out. 
  • Wash all dishes when done and let it dry on rack.
  • Just before bed, wipe and put away dishes. 
***Key thing is to prepare everything ahead of time to cut your cooking time in half. Wash bigger dishes while waiting on the dish to cook to save you time after dinner.***

  • Try to wake up early in the morning on your day off and do as much as possible. 
  • Wash laundry before anything else. That will usually take 20-30 minutes. 
  • With that time you can sweep the floors and mop it. 
  • If you hang clothes, while your floor is drying up go ahead and hang those clothes. If using dryer, put the laundry in and you can start the new load. 
  • If floors are still wet, you have spare time to rake outside, water your plants, clean that rabbit cage.
  • Once floors are completely dry, you can bathe your dog (if inside dog) and dry him up. After you use the bathroom for his bath, you can go ahead and sweep and mop your bathroom. Let it dry.
  • Hang second load of clothes and so on and so forth.
  • Once dry, clean toilet, wipe down sink, clean shower area. 
  • Fix bed once you wake up. Put everything away to wherever they belong to lessen any mess. 

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