21 May 2011

Secret Chef: Happy 4th year anniversary my dear

It was the greatest day ever. It has been awhile seen we put a lot of effort for our anniversary since we are always so busy and paying bills. Walter and I woke up early in the morning for an hour drive to the other side of the island, hit up some refreshments, broke my sandals, and ended the night with an awesome dinner with my favorite dishes in the world.

8:30 AM
Left for the other side of the island and we arrived 20 minutes early the famous Romy's! But it was okay, it was better than waiting in a long line plus a 20 minutes wait for our food and the crowded benches! Perfect because we were the second people in line and while waiting for them to set up, the smell of the garlic being fried to crisp were filling up the air; SUPER DELICIOUS for our nostril! Then they were open and the feast begins. I was a bit disappointed that the 1 lb. steamed prawns weren't available so I decided to buy 1 more extra plate for me and 1 for my boyfriend which makes a total of 3 plates for the two of us.

These were MY two plates, I told you I was going to have me TWO! With or without my 1 lb. steamed prawns.

They add the loads of garlic and I love it. Somewhat burnt but that is how they do it :) It has 6 juicy pieces and when I was down to my last 3 pieces, they were fat and oh so delish.

Look how big they are. This is one of their popular dish #1 on the menu Butter & Garlic prawns; or you can order some shrimp.

Up close and personal with the baby prawns. I had about 4 prawns that had eggs. It don't have much taste to it, but for some reason, to me it is very yummy! It comes with a chilli soy sauce for dipping and you can add a lemon wedge but you don't really need it. This was the BEST brunch ever, farthest drive for it but super worth it.

11:30 AM
Driving back home with our tummy super full and satisfied, we just had to stop over for some shave ice. Since it's almost lunch time and the sun is beginning to get a little hot, Matsumoto's Shave Ice was super long so we decided to go to the neighbor, Aoki's Shave ice. I got us some large Blue Hawaii syrup with sweet beans loaded underneath. It was so delicious, it's very simple; Ice + Syrup + beans = Satisfied! With that being said, we headed back home for an hour power nap.... well, Walter did anyway; I was too excited and decided to get ready for the rest of the day.

4:00 PM
Such a huge time gap but hey, I am a female and I take long to get ready. We headed to town for a little shopping gift. Headed to Victoria's Secret and while in line, I noticed my sandal strap totally snapped and was in the middle of falling apart and a few more steps and my $10 sandals will make me shoeless and walking bare feet in Ala Moana. Thank goodness, we parked close by and had a pair of my home slippers inside. Things happen for a reason, right? That's when I got treated to buy ONE sandal to wear for dinner. I was having a mid-life crisis and was having panic attack with my broken shoes, we just had to stop by the food court and let me cool off. Ordered a large pina colada smoothie and it helped me calm down for a second. It was perfect, cool, sweet, and tangy.

After having this cool drink, we walked on over to Slipper House. They have tons of ladies sandals, shoes, boots, and slippers and super cheap prices. I found me the best sandal that matches my outfit that night plus 2 more pairs of footwear; I was a very happy camper. But I had to find me another item to bring home and walked on over to Forever 21 and got a super duper cute floral print dress. I'm sure it will show up on this blog sooner or later.

7:45 PM
Walter drove me to the surprise dinner he's been so excited about for days when I seen the location, it was not the prettiest nor the most classiest area. It's located on a main road area with some barber shops next door and business buildings. Saw the sign "Sasabune Sushi, Trust Me!" I was already excited because I seen the word SUSHI. Walked into a very "cliche" and ordinary Japanese place, nothing out of the ordinary. This place was kind of strict on their food policy, if they chef says don't use shoyu or "soy sauce" or wasabi with your sushi then don't. Forgive me but I don't remember the names of the entrees but all I know is that they were very delicious and I seriously did not want any shoyu on ANY of them.

This is not a recent picture, it was back in 2007 when we started dating. Oh how I miss that tiny body haha. But overall, the dinner was fantastic. Never judge the location and appearance of the place because the meal was totally to die for! In small portion but very fulfilling and the place was surprisingly super uber clean which was a big bonus. We had about 3 servers but they were very nice and talked to you like a friend, except when they served you the food, they were very serious about the food, they tell you which piece you may add a LITTLE shoyu and they explain what is in the meal, what it is, and how it is prepared. They also serve you their homemade wasabi which is superb and it is more deadly than half a teaspoon of a store bought wasabi. They also serve you about a tablespoon worth of their homemade pickled ginger and when you first get it, you will think it is not even enough for one person but trust me like how I trust them, you won't even NEED them as much! The fishes melt in your mouth but then again, they ALL did!!! It's pricey for our budget but it was once in a blue moon and Walter knew how much I LOVE sushi and he knew I'd appreciate a great sushi meal. We chose the Chef serve rather than ordering our own and it was very awesome.

We had 13 different meal and you can stop whenever you want but we decided to taste every single one of the 13 different meal they had to offer. You can also decide to order more of them after the 13 course which I did with the fresh oysters and the sashimi. I got my wish but Walter was not so lucky with his fish egg, haha. If you are ever here, it is a most def to try if you're not really on a budget. They are open til 2 am, I believe so go on and try. I am not sure if they have any other locations but if you are ever in Oahu, go here here here!!

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