30 May 2011

We would like a proper intro

The blog is coming so well together and I wanted to brag to Walter about it and he pouted and asked that we share a blog together. I mean, why not, the dog has one, right?!

We're two couples trying to make ends meet and getting our life together. We try to make our tiny place as comfortable as possible and stick with a strict budget. It's hard but we'll manage. He's a UTI graduate while I'm still figuring out what I really want to study. We work, pay bills, eat, and be lazy together. That's how things roll in this household.

We're cuckoo and we're fine with that. We're strange but that's what makes the relationship work. We just celebrated our 4 years anniversary together and damn, has it been long (just kidding) but when things are running smooth, you don't notice the time passing by.

No kids at the moment but we do have our 2 years old pomeranian, Patron and that's our son. I say he counts as a child; he needs financial and emotional needs so therefore he is a household child. I think I'm secretly too selfish at the moment to be a mother but I admit, I do wish to have one.

For now, our energy, love, and money all goes to each other, Patron, hobbies, and our tiny place. Sounds good to me.

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