19 May 2011

Secret Chef: Thai Village

This place was totally awesome. Close by my home, and it's cornered and seem so cozy inside. Very clean and staffs are very friendly. Food taste very authentic and they even play some music for you hehe. I enjoyed it, I would say that much!

This is the total feast, 4 course meal, jasmine rice, and some thai ice tea on the side.
Left to right: Fries calamari, seafood pad tai, chicken yellow curry.

Chicken yellow curry, this was totally delish. I could eat this for days. I know the sauce is fattening but you won't even think twice. If you're like me, you will just dive in and worry later.

Seafood pad tai noodles, I think I always have to order this when I go to ANY thai restaurants only because I like to compare. So far, Thai Village did not disappointment me with their classic pad tai.

Who can turn these babies down! Fresh summer roll with peanut butter sauce. It is so good and fresh that it makes you think that you are eating SUPER healthy. WRONG! The sauce is fattening if you add tons on just ONE! Try to limit yourself, you'll be fine.

Everyone know this drink and the color totally screams "THAI" so vibrant and deep! Check out my recent post on my Thai dinner that I made at home. I added a recipe for a homemade thai ice tea.

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