30 May 2011

Shokudo Japanese Restaurant

My friend and I couldn't make it to one of our bestfriend's gap and gown ceremony due to our schedules so we tried to make it up to her by doing a dinner reservation at Shokudo Japanese Restaurant in town. Thank goodness she eats sushi and thank goodness for my other bestfriend, they served plain rice, sodas, and fried chicken katsu. I pretty much will eat anything these two eat, except eggplant, chocolate, and way too much sweets. We ordered 7 different meals and they were all good; so good that I think my mind is still full and can't think of the names. I know we had some fried noodles, sushi pizza, rainbow sushi, chicken katsu, mixed tempura, honey toast, and tortilla chicken for appetizer. I would recommend trying their tortilla chicken, it is very delish and some of their green tea shake. I think I had 2 of these babies and I was over the top stuffed.

A great night spent with these two but then again, it's always a happy random kind of day when I'm with them. You can't go wrong with a simple get together with friends and be sure to go with them on an empty stomach. Great food and company brings happiness to everyone. Congratulation again, Ping-pong. I love you :)

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