25 May 2011


1. My little furry baby, Patron is having surgery today meaning he is getting rid of his "family jewels". With that said, he and I won't have to worry about the risk of cancer and he will be extra healthy and less hyperactive (hopefully) and NO more marking (I HOPE SO) hehe.

2. Our master's bedroom is coming well together. I had to change it a bit and improvise because of money, bills, and my Patron's needs. "Baby's health" ALWAYS comes first!

3. I'm beginning to be in the "what sort of career should I aim for" phase again. I can't decide. Now my mother is more happy that I did not go straight to college because I would have probably waste money trying to go for a psychology major because it's not much a passion now, lol. I'm thinking interior design? What do you think?

4. I don't really know where to focus my energy, AHHHH!

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